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Robert G. Lent, the President of Shenandoah Organ Studio has been actively involved in the pipe organ trade for over 50 years. In his youth, he was actively involved with the renovations of the Moller pipe organ in his local church in Collingswood, New Jersey.


When he was in high school, a job became open in a Philadelphia theatre that had an aging theatre organ housed in its chambers. From the period from 1964 to 1975, he kept the old instrument up and running for weekly shows and special concerts.


After graduating high school in 1968, he was hired by the United States Pipe Organ Company as a mechanic’s helper. By 1970, he was a full time road mechanic performing routine maintenance, tuning and rebuilding for the company. A major slow down in the organ industry in 1971 caused a severe cut back in personnel at the United States Company and he was out of work. In June of 1971, Bob enlisted in the United States Marine Corps and received an honorable discharge in 1973.

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By 1974, United States Pipe Organ Company had recovered from the lack of work and actively recruited Bob to come back. By 1978, he had taken over as general manager in charge of all operations. In 1981, Bob and Jean purchased all the assets of the United States Pipe Organ Company, moving all operations to Bayville, New Jersey.  The company name was changed to R.G. Lent Pipe Organ Service Inc., and continued to operate until 1986 when the company was sold to another organization.


In 1986, Bob and Jean moved to Lyndhurst, Virginia when he was given the job of manager of sales and operations of Klann Organ Supply in Waynesboro. He was employed there until 1989, at which time it was decided to get back on the road and provide quality organ service in the Shenandoah Valley and beyond.


Shenandoah Organ Studio, Inc. was established and became a fully licensed Corporation in Virginia on January 2, 1989. Since that time, many large and complex pipe organ rebuilding projects have been completed to the greatest of satisfaction to our customers.  The first contract for rebuilding was signed with the Mount Zion Baptist Church in Staunton, VA.  The job was completed on time and under budget.


Since that time, Shenandoah Organ Studio Inc. has become the largest pipe organ service organization in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. Our services have also been utilized by many other companies as a sub contractor in areas of re-leathering and on site installation expertise. From 2001 through 2004, Shenandoah Organ Studio Inc. provided on site sub contract services for the Austin Organ Company in getting three large Aeolian and E.M. Skinner organs installed and ready for service.



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