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Pipe Organ Re-leathering Services


Shenandoah Organ Studio Inc. is the source for churches and colleagues in the organ business who would like to have a professional organization provide the required labor and materials to accomplish rebuilding of components contained within their organ. Many people have the ability to remove and replace pipe organ components saving money on labor, but don’t have the expertise to accomplish the job properly. That’s where we come in. Over the last twenty years, we have recovered thousands of leather pouches and pneumatics for customers nationwide. Leather work can be accomplished using the material choice of the individual customer.


Shop services complete and professional rebuilding of major components such as regulators, stop actions and swell engines. In most instances, we can schedule our shop to be available for your requirements with relatively short notice.  If you have a window of time for repairs, we can usually accommodate it. The five Aeolian skinner regulators pictured below were totally rebuilt, completed within two weeks and placed back in service a week later. The job had been scheduled for a time when church attendance would be minimal, thus causing little concern for down time of the instrument.





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