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Solid State for Pipe Organs


Shenandoah Organ Studio Inc. has provided high quality solid state relays, combination actions and MIDI digital sequencers for many of our rebuilds completed since 1989.  With the growing demands of the church music program, many institutions now desire the capacity of having a sequencer that can record and play back the music performed on the organ. At any given time in the future, this program can be played back in its entirety exactly as performed.


This feature is very useful when there is a last minute funeral or other service during the week when the organist is just not available.  At just the push of a few simple controls, the organ literally plays itself, similar to the old time player piano!  Several situations have occurred in the last few years in which the organist became ill just prior to the service. In these situations, the solid state sequencer was able to provide the music program without interruption.



Another use for the sequencer is when the organist must also double as the choir director. In the past, he or she had to concentrate on both the performance of the music and attempting to lead the choir, often with a nod of the head or a quick motion of one hand.  With a sequencer attached to the organ, music can be pre recorded and brought into play when needed. This is very useful when the choir is practicing and multiple performances are needed to smooth over the rough edges.



In many applications, older instruments can be easily re-fitted with these new modern marvels that will bring them into the twenty first century. Pictured here is an organ that was originally built in 1924. This instrument was completely restored to factory new condition and outfitted with a solid state sequencer system for public use. This organ now performs with flawless operation every time it’s placed into service.



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